Welcome to OIC’s new leader, Chenda Net

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Last night was a big night for OIC Cambodia. We farewelled the outgoing leader, myself, and welcomed OIC’s new leader, Chenda Net. It was a great moment for reflection and gratitude.

I leave OIC in country in a far better state that I could have imagined. With structure, an exit strategy, and most importantly, the best possible people controlling its destiny. An initiative is only as good as its people – and our people are the best I’ve ever worked with.

Every success we’ve had, and even the fact that we have survived – in itself against the odds – is because of the hard work of the OIC team of staff and volunteers, in and out of Cambodia. Thank you all so much for your commitment.

In 2017, I can’t stress enough how much more qualified Chenda is to lead this team than I am.

A few facts about Chenda. She was born in the International Year of People with Disabilities (1981). So was I. She was trained as a physiotherapist. So was I. She studied in Australia. Obviously, so did I.

But that’s where the similarities end. Chenda is not “replacing Weh”. She is entering a new position, has her own style of leadership, and will do things her way. She will make mistakes, just as I have made many.

As I take up a role on the board, she has my full support from afar, to make decisions her way and guide the organisation in the way that she sees fit. I have every confidence that with the support of our board, staff and volunteers, OIC will flourish. And that our incredibly ambitious goal, of taking something that affects an estimated one in 25 people, but had been ignored by so many, can be realised.

My role now changes from leading in country, to supporting from the background. This means giving Chenda and the team the resources to do the job well.

This is the 2nd last day of the financial year, and your final opportunity to make a tax deductible contribution to our Annual Appeal. This appeal has already been our biggest to date, with over 30 backers getting us over the $26,000 mark.

Will you help me support our local team get speech therapy to each and every person who needs it in Cambodia?

You can give to our Annual Appeal online here. For offline donations, please contact me directly through this website.

Give generously to support Cambodians solving problems for Cambodia.

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